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word of the decade 'My pronouns are...' badges

‘Pronoun police’ troll accidentally rallies against the gender binary and it’s delicious

Emma Corrin

The Crown star Emma Corrin quietly changes pronouns while sharing binder journey

Byron “Tanner” trans pronouns and names

Judge orders school to reinstate teacher who refused to address trans students by their proper pronouns

An iPhone showing up a mock Twitter profile with a section for pronouns

Twitter to finally introduce pronouns to user profiles

28 proud non-binary stars who are making the world better

Even Demi Lovato ‘misgenders themselves and forgets’. They just want people to make an effort

Busy Phillips Birdie Silverstein non-binary

Dawson’s Creek star Busy Phillips explained non-binary child’s pronouns to grandma in the best way

Edinburgh University

University of Edinburgh staff given banned list of transphobic microaggressions they can’t say to students

Christian Shawnee State University professor Nicholas Meriwether, who refuses to stop misgendering his students

Catholic judge compares using proper pronouns for trans people to denying existence of God

Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard knew she was trans before the age of six: ‘It’s just built in’

Oatly threatened with boycott by people offended by advert about pronouns

Milk brand Oatly threatened with boycott after asking if ‘woke’ parents share their pronouns

The White House, lit in the rainbow flag.

The White House website’s simple act of trans solidarity proves why this will be the most inclusive administration ever

Eddie Izzard explains why she changed her pronouns: ‘I’m telling people the truth of how my head works’

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