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A picture of a magnifying glass on top of a dictionary

This is why the French dictionary adding a gender-neutral pronoun is such an ‘important step’

Billy Porter's gender identity and gender expression sometimes differ

Everything you need to know about gender identity vs gender expression this Trans Awareness Week


Sinister anti-trans campaign to ban pronouns from workplaces exposed

Lady Gaga in the music video for 'Born This Way'

This passionate speech by Lady Gaga about correct pronouns is everything: ‘We’re in this together’

Sam Smith trevor project

One in four queer young people use gender neutral pronouns like they/them, eye-opening study finds

Rape crisis centre attacked by "feminists" for having gender-neutral toilets

Gender-neutral pronouns are a feminist icon that help boost women and LGBT+ people, says science

Jonathan Van Ness

Non-binary legend Jonathan Van Ness explains why using people’s pronouns correctly is so important

Jackary, also known as @jackary17 or the 'CEO of aggressive allies' on TikTok, appears in a video with sunglasses, a can of Miller Lite and a grey shirt to explain why pronouns are important

‘CEO of aggressive allies’ explains why sharing your pronouns is important

Pins showing preferred pronouns including he/she/xe and ze

14 cute and colourful pronoun pins that’ll all hes, shes, zes, xes, pers and theys will love

word of the decade 'My pronouns are...' badges

‘Pronoun police’ troll accidentally rallies against the gender binary and it’s delicious

Emma Corrin

The Crown star Emma Corrin quietly changes pronouns while sharing binder journey

Byron “Tanner” trans pronouns and names

Judge orders school to reinstate teacher who refused to address trans students by their proper pronouns

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