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What is the difference between sex and gender? Here’s why you can’t assume a person’s gender identity

Sam Smith

Presenter claims Sam Smith’s pronouns means he can ‘use the N-word because he’s a Black woman’. He’s a cis white man

Transgender Flag

What does trans mean and what is non-binary? Here’s how you can be respectful of transgender identities

Saff, featured in the Netflix documentary Tiger King

Tiger King hero Saff addresses being misgendered throughout the hit Netflix series

Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s response to a TV presenter panicking about their pronouns is a lesson in grace for all of us

Sam Smith coronavirus COVID-19 To Die For

Even Sam Smith’s mum sometimes struggles to remember to use their pronouns

Sam Smith is scared of returning to Europe after coronavirus outbreak

Sam Smith says it’s okay to ‘trip up’ sometimes over pronouns, they do it too

Miss Fame in a bronze metallic dress

Drag Race icon Miss Fame announces they/them pronouns while telling people ‘stop starving gender non-conforming artists’

Elizabeth Warren field organiser secretly recorded by Project Veritas

Elizabeth Warren staffer secretly recorded claiming ‘no one gives a f**k about a goddamn pronoun’

LGB Alliance: Thousands insist anti-trans group be denied charity status

Meet the straight, white, cisgender, middle class Tory who wants you to state your pronouns to support trans folk

non-binary child

This non-binary eight-year-old understands identity and acceptance better than most adults

The Vivienne

The Vivienne clarifies position on pronouns after fans thought she agreed with Boy George’s ‘transphobia’

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