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American flag hangs in the foreground of a classroom as two people sit at a table in the background

Teacher bans American flag from classroom as it ‘stands for violence and intolerance’

the scorched remains of the Milton Keynes Pride rainbow arch

Homophobes set fire to rainbow Pride arch in ‘deliberate’ act of hate

Declan Flynn Ireland Pride

Remembering Declan Flynn, the gay man whose brutal murder kickstarted Ireland’s Pride movement

Erin and Jaybill McCarthy Newberg Oregon progress Pride flag farm

Giant Pride flag flown to protest school board’s banning of ‘divisive and political’ LGBT+ symbols

A participant seen holding an umbrella turned into a LGBT+ rights and BLM sign

School board in overwhelmingly white area bans ‘divisive’ Pride flags and Black Lives Matter signs

Bucharest Pride

Bucharest Pride sees thousands defiantly take to the streets to demand ‘the very basics’

Liverpool reclaim pride

Liverpool to ‘reclaim Pride’ after spate of violence with defiant, anti-capitalist protest

TeePublic lgbt tshirts

‘Jake Gyllenhall bottomed for our sins’ and 23 other awesome LGBT+ t-shirt designs

Pride-goers waving rainbow flags in Kyiv

Huge rave for LGBT+ rights to take place right outside Ukrainian president’s window

Margate Pride Nadine Coyle

Margate Pride 2021 announces lineup, tickets and dates for ‘careful, kind, considered celebration’

Pride in London 2019 

‘Reclaim Pride’ march to take place of Pride in London and bring parade ‘back to its roots’

BYU Pride

Mormon students throw defiant Pride at staunchly anti-LGBT+ university

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