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HIV test

First person ever ‘cured’ of HIV using medication alone, marking the most exciting breakthrough in the fight against the virus in years

Prescription Doctor directly orders PrEP from their UK registered pharmacy, broadening the scope of how people can access the drug across the nation.(Daniel Born/The Times/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

HIV activists celebrate as Wales confirms life-saving HIV drug PrEP will be rolled out on the NHS

At least 15 people have been diagnosed with HIV while waiting for access to PrEP on NHS prep northern ireland

In stunning win for HIV activists, a life-saving PrEP trial will be rolled out in Northern Ireland

PrEP Impact trial: Man holding a pill used for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent HIV infection

No, universal access to PrEP hasn’t been ‘postponed indefinitely’ because of coronavirus


Drug giant declares major breakthrough on a PrEP alternative that only needs to be taken every other month

Joe Biden

Joe Biden doubles down on pledge to make sure PrEP and gender affirming surgeries are covered by insurance


Promising new HIV research is ‘a paradigm shift’ in understanding how the disease works


Doctors are turning away gay men with valuable coronavirus antibodies that could save lives

HIV, Truvada PrEP coronavirus

Scientists are trying to find out if PrEP could help beat coronavirus, but they aren’t exactly full of hope

A bottle of Truvada and PrEp pills

Do you need to take PrEP every day if you’re self-isolating because of coronavirus?

PrEP will finally be rolled out across England after years of fighting

Elton John “overjoyed” that HIV drug PrEP will finally be rolled out across England after years of fighting by campaigners

The Cock Destroyers, Rebecca More and Sophie Anderson, have teamed up with Netflix

The C**k Destroyers are teaching inclusive sex education for Netflix and they’re doing a better job than most schools

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