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Emily Ratajkowski

Pregnant Emily Ratajkowski has a simple answer for people asking the gender of her unborn child: ‘They’ll let us know when they’re 18’

Pregnant people AIMS Ireland trans inclusive language

The world is burning, yet transphobes are raging against a maternity group for daring to use trans-inclusive language

queer doulas

This group of queer doulas is helping trans and non-binary parents feel seen and affirmed while giving birth

at home insemination kit

Same-sex couple give birth three days apart after thinking an at-home insemination kit wouldn’t work

Gender reveal

Pregnant mum struck in the face with a baseball bat during latest excruciating gender reveal disaster

trans men

Trans men who’ve been on testosterone can be just as fertile as cis women, landmark study finds

Freddy McConnell: Trans dad to take historic legal battle to Supreme Court

Trans man who gave birth is fighting back after court legally declared him his child’s ‘mother’

Woman cuts contact with sister for keeping her baby's gender a secret

Straight woman cuts contact with her sister because she kept her own baby’s gender a secret. Yes, really

Fear of Childbirth

Fear of childbirth is worse for LGBT people than straight cis people, study shows

A couple kissing

Transgender non-binary couple announce pregnancy with cute photo

Scout Barbour-Evans smiles while pregnant with their daughter

Trans man Scout Barbour-Evans gives birth in New Zealand

LGBT+ science made it possible for these two married women to be pregnant with the same baby.

Lesbian couple carries same baby to term in ‘world-first’ IVF procedure

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