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Faithful Word Baptist Church pastor Steven Anderson

US ‘death to gays’ preacher Steven Anderson banned from most of Europe

A preacher tells a man to stay away from "faggots"

Preacher at top US church: Stay away from ‘faggots’ and ‘sissies’

Franklin Graham talks with President Donald Trump

UK urged to deny entry to pro-Trump preacher who claims gay people ‘steal children’

Bus company pulls ads from anti-LGBT preacher who claims gay people ‘steal’ children

Angry young preacher calls for US government to ‘execute’ gay people

Trump inauguration pastor: Christians should have the ‘freedom’ to reject gay customers

Islamic preacher: Men need to grow beards because clean-shaven guys can cause ‘impure thoughts’

US preacher: Christians should shun restaurants that employ gay waiters

Anti-gay preachers arrested at Pride in New Orleans after violent clash with police

Watch: Gay cyclist gets round of applause for shutting down homophobic street preacher

Pastor: I’m OK with gay marriage as long as they get shot in the head

US preacher calls for LGBT-friendly schools to be ‘burned to the ground’

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