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Home Secretary Priti Patel

Notoriously anti-LGBT+ home secretary Priti Patel reveals plan to fully decriminalise the sale of poppers

A woman in Angus, Scotland, fell ill and died after drinking a bottle of poppers

A woman has died after drinking a whole bottle of poppers

Sam Smith

Sam Smith confirms their unashamed love of poppers after ‘tabloid rumours’ about sharing a sniff with Nicole Scherzinger

A mother nearly too pure for this world stumbled onto her son's bottle of poppers and mistook them for "smelling salts". (Screen captures via TikTok)

Gay guy’s mum finds his poppers and mistakes them for smelling salts – and we can’t look away

Poppers, alkyl nitrites

The ‘war on bottoms’ continues as Australia reveals plan to ban poppers from sex shops

Nicole Scherzinger seen on a night out at Freedom in Soho on December 09, 2019. (Ricky Vigil M/GC Images)

Ally of the year Nicole Scherzinger ‘sniffed poppers’ at a gay bar with Sam Smith and we have no legal choice but to stan

Elton John used to lure Rod Stewart onto the dance floor with poppers. Yes, really

Elton John used to lure Rod Stewart onto the dance floor with poppers. Yes, really

Charli XCX said "gay rights!" while holding a bottle of poppers and broke the internet in the process. (Twitter)

Charli XCX holds up bottle of poppers and yells ‘gay rights’ in viral video

New research finds poppers may cause lasting eye damage

Keith Vaz will not face charges over rent boy scandal as police close investigation

Wife of Keith Vaz says she wanted to ‘break crockery on his head’ but will forgive him

‘No police investigation’ of Keith Vaz rent boy scandal as Met ‘evaluate’ whether he broke any laws

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