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NHS Pride Flag

Petition demands an end to the ‘rebranding’ of the rainbow as an NHS flag and the ‘erasing of queer history’

Haaz Sleiman and Brian Tyree Henry of The Eternals

Christian hate group demands Marvel turns gay superheroes straight in upcoming epic The Eternals

RuPaul stars in new Netflix comedy AJ and the Queen

AJ and the Queen fans are begging Netflix to save the show after it was unceremoniously cancelled

Brazilian gay Jesus movie

Almost a million religious conservatives petition to ban Netflix’s ‘gay Jesus’ Christmas film

Hallmark Christmas movie petition

‘Viral’ Catholic petition against a gay Hallmark Christmas movie turns out to be fake


LGBT rights activists fighting back after a second Chick-fil-A quietly opened in Scotland

Woman fights to change UK trademark rules after being told she can’t use the word ‘queer’ as it’s offensive

Mattel gender-inclusive dolls

Yet even more Christian extremists are complaining about gender-inclusive dolls because apparently there’s nothing else to do

Mio Sugita refuses to apologise for homophobic comments.

Protesters demand Mio Sugita apologise for anti-LGBT comments

Calls for pastor who celebrated Orlando massacre to be banned from Ireland

Calls for pastor who celebrated Orlando massacre to be banned from Ireland

A shot of Juliantina, a couple on Mexican telenovela Amar a Muerte.

Amar a Muerte: Fans call for lesbian couple Juliana and Valentina spin-off

Jamie Windust, who started the petition to demand a non-binary option on legal documents.

Petition demands non-binary gender option on legal documents

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