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Huge crowd of participants with rainbow colours during the parade. The biggest ever, Pride In London parade in central London.

Anti-LGBTQ+ hate comes from just tiny minority of UK public, eye-opening study finds

LGBTQ+ activist Peter Tatchell at an event

Peter Tatchell accuses the Queen of ‘deliberately snubbing LGBTQ+ people’ after jubilee invite

Pictures of two men from Iran who were reportedly executed on anti-gay charges

Two gay men executed by Iran’s cruel regime for the ‘crime of sodomy’

Protestors hold up a sign reading 'we will not be silenced' at demonstration against the Conservative plans for the new Policing Bill in the UK

LGBT+ activists call on House of Lords to do right thing and vote down ‘oppressive’ policing bill

trans model April Ashley

Juno Dawson and Peter Tatchell lead tributes to pioneering trans model April Ashley, dead aged 86

Qatar's Ministry of Commerce and Industry says it seized a line of rainbow-coloured children's toys for being "un-Islamic"

Qatar seizes ‘un-Islamic’ rainbow-coloured kids’ toys: ‘This proves Qatar remains homophobic’

Peter Tatchell in the documentary Hating Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell on 50 years of fighting for LGBT+ rights – from Section 28 to trans liberation

London mayor Sadiq Khan steps on top of a long LGBT+ pride flag during Pride in London 2019 celebration

Sadiq Khan urged to remove Pride in London’s entire board and start inquiry into racism claims

Peter Tatchell arrives at St Margaret's Church to attend the funeral for Tony Benn on March 27, 2014 in London, England.

Peter Tatchell pulls out of debate with trans-exclusionary professor Kathleen Stock after backlash

Pride in London 2019 

‘Reclaim Pride’ march to take place of Pride in London and bring parade ‘back to its roots’

gay Alan Shea Manx laws 1991

How a fearless activist forced Isle of Man to end its gay sex ban – and why his fight isn’t over

BBC accused of 'censoring' vital issues facing trans people

BBC accused of ‘deep-rooted transphobia’ after ‘censoring’ vital issues facing trans people

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