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An aubergine and a peach, cut in half, against a purple background

10 inch top reveals the pros and cons of having a ‘truly giant penis’: ‘I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a blessing’

Chastity cage hacker

Hacker takes control of men’s electronic chastity cages and holds their penises to ransom

Channel 4 to make history by showing an erect penis on UK TV

Me and My Penis – the Channel 4 documentary that made history by showing an erection on TV – hailed as an eye-opening success

Channel 4 to make history by showing an erect penis on UK TV

Channel 4 to make history by showing an erect penis on TV – and we’re already dreading the backlash from Karens and boomers


Teenager vandalises lesbian couple’s house and car with hateful homophobia and crude graffiti penises

Dinky One: New dating website launches for men with small penises

Tens of thousands sign up for new dating site aimed at men with small penises

Danny Polaris has had an erection for ten days

Gay man hospitalised with permanent erection that may never go down

Indya Moore attends the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 6, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California

Pose star Indya Moore: Trans women’s penises are biologically female

A photo of a man with only his underwear covering his penis

Which US state has the biggest average penis?

The penis cake made for transgender activist Jazz Jennings, with a tweet overlaid

Jazz Jennings had a ‘farewell to penis’ party before surgery

A screenshot from an advert by PETA about how going vegan can make you last longer during sex

PETA wants you to go vegan to last longer in bed

Jude Law and Leonardo DiCaprio, who are featured on a list of the smallest penises in Hollywood

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jude Law and Tom Hardy in list of ‘smallest penises in Hollywood’

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