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Brazilian drag queen

The gay nephew of a notorious Brazilian homophobe came out as a drag queen. His evangelical pastor mum reacted in the most unexpected way

EW Jackson coronavirus

Forget coronavirus, according to this US minister there’s a ‘virulent’ strain of ‘homovirus’ destroying America

anti-LGBT+ lesbian couple sign Louisiana

Pastor displays homophobic sign after realising lesbian neighbours weren’t roommates after all

Virginia democrats walk out

Democrats stage dramatic walk-out as Republican-invited pastor condemns homosexuality during prayer

Gay pastor Ralph Carl Wushke

Evangelical pastor who was sacked for coming out as gay in 1980s has been reinstated after 35 years

This homophobic pastor would rather smear s**t over himself than see his son marry a man

This homophobic pastor would rather smear s**t over himself than see his son marry a man

Greta Thunberg

‘Kill the gays’ pastor actually thinks Greta Thunberg is being controlled by demonic spirits

pastor suing primary school over pride tweet

Pastor who said Pride is ‘harmful to children’ is suing primary school he worked at because his ‘religious freedom’ was violated

Faithful Word Baptist church pastor Steven Anderson

This is why homophobic ‘death to gays’ hate preacher Steven Anderson was banned from Ireland

Lesbian pastor Jacinta Nzilani Kilonzo

Proud lesbian Kenyan pastor opens up about her attraction to women in emotional interview

Bishop Paul S Morton performs onstage during the Super Bowl Gospel 2013 Show at UNO Lakefront Arena on February 1, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Pastor tells Democrats to reject Pete Buttigieg because ‘it is not the time’ for a gay President

Pastor Greg Schaffer of Gateway Church is very angry

Pastor asks God to ‘cleanse’ church after gay man gives a speech

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