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Florida politician who fought tooth-and-nail against gay equality now claims to be LGBT ‘champion’

Florida politician who fought gay equality is upset that Anderson Cooper pointed it out

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Florida ‘refusing to pay’ legal fees after losing same-sex marriage battle

Florida Attorney General branded ‘Cruella de Vil’ for crusade against equal marriage

Florida AG who fought against equality: ‘Best wishes’ to newlywed gays

US: Florida Attorney General asks for ‘clarification’ on same-sex marriage

US: Florida Republican who fought against equal marriage named ‘Loser of the Year’

US: Twice-divorced Florida AG concedes defeat in crusade against same-sex marriage

This twice-divorced Florida politician is trying to stall same-sex weddings

US: Same-sex marriages could begin to take place in Florida soon

US: ACLU files motion to allow Florida gay couples to marry

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