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Transphobia is a hangover of British colonialism, and we need to address it

Transphobia in Commonwealth countries is an injustice left over from British colonialism. It’s time we addressed it

Gay sex is criminalised in Pakistan under a combination of Sharia law principles and colonial law imposed by British rulers.

Asylum seeker who sold a kidney to flee homophobic Pakistan wins crucial legal battle in bid to remain in UK

Image based sexual abuse Ireland

Man arrested after gang tortures, beats and rapes a trans woman as she pleaded them through tears to stop

Cher looking at an elephant

Cher serenades ‘world’s loneliest elephant’ with iconic Cinderella song after flying to Pakistan to help save him

Nisha Rao

Trans woman begged on the streets after fleeing home. Now she’s Pakistan’s first transgender lawyer


Trans Christians unable to worship after being told they’re ‘unclean’. So they took matters into their own hands

Pakistan announces historic 'bill of protection' to defend trans community

Pakistani minister vows to crack down on transphobic violence with historic ‘bill of protection’

13-year-old shoots dead his transgender sister in Pakistan

Trans woman shot dead by her 13-year-old brother. Her only ‘crime’ was dancing at a party

Two trans women went to a wedding. Armed men stormed the building, killing one and injuring the other


Trans man wanted by police for ‘illegal’ same-sex wedding. He married a cis woman


Pakistan’s first transgender policewoman becomes victim support officer to shield others from abuse


Pakistan court orders ‘gender test’ of trans man accused of illegal ‘same-sex’ marriage to woman

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