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Oxford University chief won’t apologise for homophobia ‘not my job’ comments

Oxford University boss: It’s not my job to stop homophobic views

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An out gay football referee has officiated an English professional match for the first time

Students told to use gender-neutral terms unless they want to lose marks

Blood vials

This new vaccine is helping five people live free of HIV

Top theological college calls for gender-neutral phrases to be used when talking about God

Oxford University SU denies telling students to use gender neutral pronouns like ‘ze’

Oxford University students told to use gender neutral pronouns like ‘ze’

Gender-neutral toilet

Alabama city recalls law to punish trans people with jail for using gender-appropriate bathroom

Gender-neutral toilet

This city will now fine trans people $500 for using the ‘wrong’ bathroom

Watch: Oxford’s all-male singers are back with a camp ‘Santa Baby’ cover

Mx and ‘manspreading’ added to Oxford Dictionary

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