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Jonathan Van Ness criticised for defending Uber ad amid Proposition 22

Uber Eats hits back at homophobes after being accused of ‘LGBT+ brainwashing’ with Jonathan Van Ness ads

Hallmark Channel's new movie Wedding Every Weekend features same-sex wedding

Hallmark Channel confirms film will include its first-ever lesbian wedding to the absolute dismay of homophobes


Christian homophobes are boycotting wrapping paper and greeting cards because of ‘the LGBT+ agenda’


Far-right Christians take a break from homophobia to protest against Disney’s Hamilton for saying the ‘f-word’

One Million Moms are petitioning against the Disney+ short film Out. (Twitter)

Christian fundamentalists claim Disney is ‘promoting sin to children’ with historic, tender and heartwarming gay film Out

Paris Jackson is set to play lesbian Jesus Christ in the new film

Christian hate group is predictably furious about Paris Jackson playing ‘repulsive, gender-bending’ Jesus Christ

One Million Moms prove they are comprised of exactly zero mothers as they spend pandemic raging over gay cartoon ducks

Haaz Sleiman and Brian Tyree Henry of The Eternals

Christian hate group demands Marvel turns gay superheroes straight in upcoming epic The Eternals

Billy Porter at 123 Sesame Street

Billy Porter just read the hate group that tried to ban him from Sesame Street in the classiest way

Lena Waithe Onward

Christian hate group is now accusing Disney of indoctrinating children with the ‘LGBT+ agenda’

Right-wing Christians are striking out with furious anger because Clifford the Big Red Dog now stars lesbian mums

Burger King advert

Anti-LGBT hate group starts another petition, this time because Burger King said ‘damn’ six months ago

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