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Oklahoma woman Kris Williams is seen talking to the news while wearing a grey shirt after she was removed from her son's birth certificate because she's not the "gestational" parent

Judge erases lesbian mum’s name from her child’s birth certificate in bitter divorce row

US’ only non-binary state lawmaker opens up about death threats as governor attacks trans rights

Counter-protestors gather to support trans swimmer Lia Thomas at the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships

Trio of degrading, unscientific anti-trans sports bans passed by Republicans

Governor Kevin Stitt

Oklahoma’s Republican governor blocks non-binary birth certificates in cruel U-turn

Mauree Turner, a Black queer Muslim state House candidate in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s trailblazing non-binary lawmaker has zero time for ignorant Republican dinosaurs

Images of Dax, a queer teen from Oklahoma, wants to find their forever family after their parents 'started not loving them' for being LGBT+

Parents of queer teen ‘stopped loving’ them when they came out. Now, they’re looking for a new family

Dad Pride flag

Dad’s heartwarming Pride gesture for his gay teenage son is a masterclass in parenting

woman and her daughter walking together back portrait

Eight-year-old expelled from Christian school after telling another girl she had a crush on her

Anti-abortion Republican proposes anti-trans bill targeting trans healthcare

‘Extreme’ bid to make trans healthcare illegal for under-21s launched by anti-abortion, pro-gun Republican

(L) A photo of a walkway covered in blueberries. (R) John McAffrey in a brown racer jacket and black t-shirt

Beloved queer bar vandalised night after night in seriously bizarre and unsettling fashion

Mauree Turner, a Black queer Muslim state House candidate in Oklahoma

Meet the queer Black Democrat endorsed by Elizabeth Warren and Ilhan Omar, on course to make history as her state’s first Muslim lawmaker


Plumber learns that actions have consequences after gay homeowner catches him using homophobic slurs on camera

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