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Anti-abortion Republican proposes anti-trans bill targeting trans healthcare

‘Extreme’ bid to make trans healthcare illegal for under-21s launched by anti-abortion, pro-gun Republican

(L) A photo of a walkway covered in blueberries. (R) John McAffrey in a brown racer jacket and black t-shirt

Beloved queer bar vandalised night after night in seriously bizarre and unsettling fashion

Mauree Turner, a Black queer Muslim state House candidate in Oklahoma

Meet the queer Black Democrat endorsed by Elizabeth Warren and Ilhan Omar, on course to make history as her state’s first Muslim lawmaker


Plumber learns that actions have consequences after gay homeowner catches him using homophobic slurs on camera

Christian Council: Thugs beat gay man unconscious while screaming slurs

Thugs beat a gay man unconscious while screaming homophobic slurs. Police are refusing to recognise the attack as a hate crime

Christian Council: Thugs beat gay man unconscious while screaming slurs

A gay man asked a truck to move so he could park his car. In return, he was beaten unconscious by two homophobes

Carole Baskin Tiger King

Just when you thought the Tiger King drama was over, Carole Baskin now has control of Joe Exotic’s zoo


Proud neighbourhood homophobe targets gay couple with ‘horrible’ yard signs – and police say there’s nothing they can do

Jeff Lowe cuddles-up with big cats (L) as countless victors crowd the Tiger King Park for its grand re-opening. (Screen captures via Instagram)

Hundreds of Tiger King fans crowd Joe Exotic’s zoo after coronavirus shutdown with a flagrant disregard for social distancing

Alex Scott, 24, was arrested on suspicion of murdering and mutilating 64-year-old Kenneth Savinski

Man arrested for strangling and mutilating antiques dealer 40 years his senior who he met on a dating app

A Starbucks cup with a 'pig' label

Starbucks fired a trans supervisor after staff played ‘pig’ prank on cops. Now she doesn’t have healthcare

Gay couple attacked by congregation in church

A gay couple were ‘attacked at church and prayed over to make straight’

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