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Northern Irish politician claims gay people lead a ‘life defined by sex’

Northern Ireland’s new ‘equalities’ minister wants to legalise discrimination against gays

Ex-Minister who claimed gays are ‘more likely’ to abuse children now faces sexism complaints

Northern Irish government: It’s not discrimination to ban gay weddings because civil partnerships are allowed

MPs vote equal marriage northern Ireland

Will courts finally bring same-sex marriage to Northern Ireland?

Landmark court decision finds NI abortion law ‘breaches human rights’

Northern Ireland’s anti-gay marriage DUP leader is stepping down

Northern Irish DUP faces protests after ‘abusing’ peace powers to veto same-sex marriage

Northern Irish DUP accused of ‘abusing’ peace process to block same-sex marriage

Scotland throws a lifeline to Northern Irish same-sex couples

Anti-gay marriage UUP to withdraw from Northern Ireland coalition

Northern Ireland Assembly won’t punish ex-minister who compared homosexuality to child abuse

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