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A gender neutral bathroom is seen at a coffee shop in Washington, DC, on May 5, 2016.

This Scottish rock bar’s gender neutral bathroom policy is putting all other bars to shame

Plasma donation non-binary person turned away

Non-binary person turned away from plasma donation centre because their gender does not align with sex assigned at birth

Lex dating app

This new queer dating app ‘inspired by newspaper personals’ is determined to keep the creeps out

Rain Dove's Piers Morgan comedy sketch

This penguin comedy sketch mocking Piers Morgan has finally won his ‘respect’

Academic ‘ridiculed’ students by taking on a non-binary alter ego for years as a research project

Non-binary Singer Sam Smith. (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Coachella)

‘Non-binary’ has been officially added to the Collins Dictionary

Canadian province ordered to pay $50,000 to trans person who was refused an X on their birth certificate

Brit Awards won’t have gender-neutral categories in 2020 and will maintain ‘best female artist’ and ‘best male artist’

Trans author Juno Roche (PinkNews)

Trans author Juno Roche explains why they’re no longer using the word ‘woman’

Charlize Theron hopes gender-neutral categories are coming to awards shows ‘soon’

Politicians debate whether to change ‘pregnant women’ to ‘pregnant people’ in abortion law to be more inclusive

Halloween trans kids

This is why Halloween is so important to trans and gender non-conforming kids

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