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Trans Day of Visibility: 25 trans and non-binary people changing the world

25 trans and non-binary people who’re happy, visible and making the world a better place

Stephen Sebuuma, a trans non-binary refugee in the Kakuma refugee camp, was battered by a group of 10 transphobes with sticks and stones. (Stephen Sebuuma)

Non-binary Ugandan asylum seeker viciously attacked by gang of thugs for simply wearing a dress

Ezra Miller to straight people: 'We're better at sex than y'all'

Nothing is truer than Ezra Miller declaring that queer people are just better at sex than straight people

non-binary person fired for wearing lipstick

University fires non-binary bookshop employee for wearing lipstick and ‘expressing their identity’

Amita Kuttner: Non-binary astrophysicist announces leadership bid

This astrophysicist could become the first non-binary person to lead a major political party in Canada

Non-binary person has best response to man who says they’re ‘confusing’

Non-binary person epically schools supermarket customer who says they’re ‘confusing’ him

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan said he doesn’t like being shamed on TV and the sound you can hear is a million eyeballs rolling

legal name change

LGBT student group hosts legal name change clinic because the process can be ’emotionally intimidating’

The queer creator of Webcomic Name on gender, sex and going viral

Oh, yes! The queer creator of Webcomic Name on challenging gender one pink blob at a time

Alaska Drag Race trans

Drag Race royalty Alaska makes impassioned plea for RuPaul to let more trans queens bring it to the runway

Ro Khanna bill for third gender option passports

A third gender option could soon be available on all US passports

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer apologises to non-binary person for refusing to allow them to use men’s changing rooms

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