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Hamilton the Musical follows the story of the Founding Fathers. (Joan Marcus)

Hamilton accused of ‘forcing out’ non-binary actor ‘because they stood up for themselves’

Freaky star Misha Osherovich on horror being inherently queer: ‘It’s about people who are othered’

Bruised hands

Gender fluid person brutally attacked because they were wearing a dress and heels

Amrou Al-Kadhi Non-binary Muslim drag queen glamrou

Amrou Al-Kadhi on queerness and Islam, their love for Allah and why transphobes will always lose

Demi Lovato non-binary

Demi Lovato is equally as masculine as they are feminine: ‘I identify as both a woman and a man’

Shirley Manson of Garbage performs on stage at Alhambra Theatre

Garbage singer Shirley Manson says she identifies with the ‘idea of non-binary’

Alanis Morissette musical Jagged Little Pill accused of ‘harming trans and non-binary communities’

Freddy McConnell: Trans dad on the Pride & Joy of queer families

Trans men and non-binary people explain why toxic cervix discourse is a reductive distraction

Carl Clemons-Hopkins at the 2021 Emmys.

Hacks actor Carl Clemons-Hopkins stuns Emmys red carpet with powerful non-binary flag tribute

Non-binary students have to pick 'male' or 'female' on forms at their further education institution.

Colleges at ‘massive risk’ of legal action from non-binary students over forced misgendering

Carrie Grant, mum to Hollyoaks star Tylan Grant, on misgendering

Mum of three non-binary kids on how to act if you accidentally misgender someone

Drag king troupe Pecs want to share queer joy after years of lockdown.

Drag king collective Pecs on queer joy and why shows like Drag Race are a double-edged sword

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