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OB-GYN Mama Doctor Jones

Gynaecologist perfectly dismantles the idea that biology and science invalidate trans people

Match is a popular online dating website. (Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

It’s 2020 and Match is still refusing to let bisexual people say they’re interested in more than one gender

church of ireland non-binary

Church finally admits that non-binary people exist, despite still teaching that they don’t

A woman holding a sign which says "protect trans kids"

Nearly a third of trans and non-binary youth attempted suicide in the past year, eye-opening study confirms

Demi Lovato has affirmed that "trans rights are human rights"

Demi Lovato really wants you to know – unequivocally and undeniably – that trans rights are human rights

Dana Zzyym has been fighting for an X gender passport since 2014.

Trump administration ordered to reconsider intersex non-binary Navy vet’s request for X gender passport

Sam Smith: Radio station breached Ofcom code for misgendering singer

Radio station who repeatedly mocked and misgendered Sam Smith feebly claims they never intended to be offensive

Animal Crossing

This non-binary dominatrix is virtually humiliating clients on Animal Crossing and accepting bells as payment

Arielle Scarcella

Transphobic lesbian YouTuber suggests non-binary and queer people don’t exist because they don’t support Trump

Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock denies laughing at non-binary people after controversial radio interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer

Derek Gaskill

Six trans and non-binary Democrats wanted to represent their communities. They were disqualified ‘because of their gender’

Sam Smith

Presenter claims Sam Smith’s pronouns means he can ‘use the N-word because he’s a Black woman’. He’s a cis white man

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