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A Boystown Chicago banner hangs along Cornelia Avenue in the Boystown Lakeview neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. (Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

Chicago’s queer neighbourhood Boystown changes its name to be more inclusive to women and non-binary people

The British Medical Association just emphatically said trans rights

British Medical Association rules trans and non-binary people should be able to self-declare their own gender

Star Trek

Star Trek: Discovery boldly goes where the franchise has never gone before with non-binary and trans characters

DUP politician thinks treating trans people with dignity is against the Bible

DUP politician – surprise, surprise – thinks treating trans and non-binary people with dignity is against the Bible

South Dakota: Republican compares doctors treating trans kids to Nazis

The number of trans people murdered in 2020 just surpassed the total for last year. It’s only been seven months

Trans men 'less likely' to go for smear tests than cis women, doctors say

We regret to inform you that ignorant transphobes are once again trying to weaponise cervical cancer for their own agenda

Non-binary people win vital legal recognition as Maine becomes 12th state to issue ‘X’ gender birth certificates

Parents throw heart-warming, belated gender reveal party for trans son

Parents throw heart-warming gender reveal party for trans son, 17 years after they ‘got it wrong’

Trans Day of Visibility: How to be an ally to trans and non-binary youth

The largest study of trans and non-binary youth reveals more than half have seriously contemplated death by suicide

Gender-reveal party inventor says she regrets creating 'a monster'

Inventor of the gender reveal party regrets ‘creating a monster’ now that she’s mother to a gender non-conforming kid

Taylor Swift says it's 'so upsetting' the census only has two gender options

Taylor Swift blasts ‘brutal’ 2020 census for excluding and erasing trans and non-binary people

church of ireland non-binary

Church finally admits that non-binary people exist, despite still teaching that they don’t

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