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Fossil Pokemon museum japan pikachu explorer

Nintendo is using fossil Pokémon to teach kids about dinosaurs, and it’s a pretty great idea actually

Oxenfree II Lost Signals Nintendo Indie World showcase

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals takes centre stage at exciting new Nintendo Indie World showcase

Nintendo Switch Lite Blue

Nintendo Switch Lite blue: release date, price and more for new edition of the handheld console

Nintendo, Splatoon 3

Nintendo have announced that they’re planning to focus on original game series in future

Build A Bear

Build-A-Bear Animal Crossing: Fans left disappointed by much-hyped new collection’s lack of choice

is Mario dead

Why is Nintendo killing Mario: the reason people are posting #RIP memes about the iconic plumber

Free games leaving Xbox and Playstation at the end of March

All of the free games leaving Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo at the end of March


Nintendo are teaming up with Niantic to make Pikmin the next Pokémon Go

Animal Crossing New Horizons

COVID left LGBT+ people more isolated than ever. But Animal Crossing changed all that for these gamers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo celebrates Animal Crossing’s one year anniversary with a bang. Yes, one whole year!

Super Mario World

Incredible streamer smashes through Super Mario World using only his voice – and it’s jaw-dropping

Dearest Antoine Pokemon Mario

Drag artist reimagines classic Mario characters as sickening Pokémon – and we wanna catch ’em all

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