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Nintendo Bowser's Fury

Nintendo wins $2.1 million from pirate site owner who probably shouldn’t have defended himself in court


New ‘cyber-funk’ RPG Laxidaze aims to blend Monster Hunter, Pokémon and Final Fantasy VII Remake

The Nintendo Switch console comes in neon red and blue.

A year into the pandemic, Nintendo still can’t make enough Switch consoles to keep up with demand

Nintendo Game Builder Garage

Nintendo’s newly-announced Game Builder Garage will teach you to make your own Switch games

New Pokemon Snap

5 essential New Pokémon Snap tips to turn you from beginner to a snap-happy pro

Miitopia Nintendo

Miitopia’s character creator tools are impressive, bonkers and – in some cases – cursed

Fossil Pokemon museum japan pikachu explorer

Nintendo is using fossil Pokémon to teach kids about dinosaurs, and it’s a pretty great idea actually

Oxenfree II Lost Signals Nintendo Indie World showcase

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals takes centre stage at exciting new Nintendo Indie World showcase

Nintendo Switch Lite Blue

Nintendo Switch Lite blue: release date, price and more for new edition of the handheld console

Nintendo, Splatoon 3

Nintendo have announced that they’re planning to focus on original game series in future

Build A Bear

Build-A-Bear Animal Crossing: Fans left disappointed by much-hyped new collection’s lack of choice

is Mario dead

Why is Nintendo killing Mario: the reason people are posting #RIP memes about the iconic plumber

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