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Nicola Sturgeon leads tributes to ‘force of nature’ and LGBT+ campaigner who died suddenly, aged 39

Nicola Sturgeon sits down in Holyrood in a blue pant suit

Nicola Sturgeon vows to cut ‘trauma-inducing’ NHS Scotland waiting times for trans healthcare

Scottish National Party Scotland election

4 simple and compassionate ways Scotland can be an international leader on LGBT+ equality once again

Two photos, one of Nicola Sturgeon in a red jacket and top, one of Boris Johnson in a black suit and blue tie

Nicola Sturgeon gives Boris Johnson conversion therapy ultimatum: Ban it, or I will

Scottish National Party MP Joanna Cherry

Most SNP members agree with sacking of ‘gender critical’ Joanna Cherry

Backlash as Joanna Cherry made deputy chair of human rights group

Human Rights Committee facing backlash for promoting ‘gender-critical’ MP Joanna Cherry

Jacob Rees-Mogg praises 'courage' of gender-critical MP Joanna Cherry

Jacob Rees-Mogg praises ‘gender critical’ MP Joanna Cherry’s ‘courage’ after speech on trans ‘ideology’

Nicola Sturgeon vow to tackle transphobia is too late, SNP members say

Nicola Sturgeon’s promise to tackle transphobia is too little, too late, former SNP members say

Humza Yousaf put forward the proposed amendment to his hate crime bill.

Scottish government withdraws amendment to exempt ‘criticism of transgender identity’ from hate crime law after backlash

Backlash as Joanna Cherry made deputy chair of human rights group

‘Gender critical’ MP Joanna Cherry sacked from SNP front bench

Joan McAlpine: SNP MSP uninvited from student event over trans views

Scottish politician Joan McAlpine uninvited from climate-crisis event over backwards views on trans rights

SNP leader and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

SNP MPs are falling over themselves to back trans rights and praise Nicola Sturgeon

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