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trans people at risk of suicide

More than 13,500 trans and non-binary adults are on gender clinic waiting lists: ‘Life is pretty much hell’


Scotland could have saved hundreds from HIV in 80s blood scandal, new evidence reveals

Gay Strictly star and actual doctor wades into A&E child on floor debate: ‘I am DONE with it’

sexual orientation and gender identity monitoring

This UK doctor thinks asking patients about their orientation or gender identity is ‘laughable’ and ‘offensive’

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton have very different opinions on transgender identity

Hospital receptionist refused to acknowledge woman’s same-sex partner: ‘I’ll just put friend’

Trans woman says she woke up on a men’s ward after knee surgery

To the surprise of nobody, users on Mumsnet really don’t like the NHS LGBT+ rainbow badges

trans people at risk of suicide

Waiting lists are putting trans people ‘at risk of self-harm and suicide’

Puberty blockers literally save the lives of trans teens, new study confirms

Mother of a trans teen says her son ‘would still be alive’ if medical staff had acted differently

An NHS staff member wearing a stethoscope

Northern Ireland’s gender identity clinic takes no new patients in over a year

A close-up of somebody wearing an NHS uniform with a stethoscope around their neck.

NHS chiefs say fighting homophobia ‘can’t be delegated’

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