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There’s an eye-opening difference between the way the New York Times reported 100,000 coronavirus deaths and 100,000 AIDS deaths

A pro-Trump gay banker inspires zero sympathy with this terrible take

A pro-Trump gay investment banker is scared Elizabeth Warren will take his job and we can’t find a violin small enough

Intersex Olympic hopeful suing World Athletics after having damaging and irreversible surgery in order to compete

Harry Styles dangly earrings

The New York Times writes entire article about how dangly earrings for men are ‘well suited for our non-binary gender moment’

Indian city encouraged trans people to apply for police force. Instead of being given jobs, they were outed

‘Homophobic’ New York Times cartoon shows Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as gay lovers

New York Times addresses its ‘shameful’ coverage during AIDS crisis

Antoni from Queer Eye wants you to know that he can cook

New York Times editorial savages Trump’s ’empty talk’ on LGBT rights

Gay activist Dan Savage ‘compared to KKK leader’ in New York Times ad

Gay kiss on New York Times cover censored in Pakistan

New York Times columnist apologises for speaking at anti-gay group’s fundraiser

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