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Holocaust Memorial Day: Reflecting on the Nazi persecution of gay people

On Holocaust Memorial Day, remember the lessons we still need to learn from the Nazi persecution of gay people

Pink triangle at concentration camp

Why the heinous crimes committed by the Nazis against thousands of queer people must never, ever be forgotten

Poland education minister anti LGBT+

New Polish minister for education and science thinks LGBT+ people ‘aren’t equal to normal people’. Terrifying

Gay clergyman disrobed re-instated Berlin Germany

Gay clergyman viciously persecuted by the Nazis has been reinstated by his church, decades after his death


Polish ministers continue to fan flames of homophobic hate while comparing being queer to being a Nazi

A man burns a LGBT flag during the anniversary of Warsaw Uprising in Warsaw, Poland

Far-right Polish thugs mark the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising by burning Pride flags

Neo-Nazi thugs march with swastikas while chanting 'f**k you f****ts'

Neo-Nazi thugs march though Pennsylvania, flying swastikas and chanting ‘f**k you f****ts’

leaflet compares gay people to nazis

‘Disturbing’ propaganda comparing LGBT people to Nazis is completely legal, lawyers say

American Family Radio host Bryan Fischer is very upset

Radio host compares gay people to Nazis in totally proportionate response to Hallmark Channel row

memorial to gay victims of the holocaust Berlin

Memorial to gay victims of Nazis found vandalised

Far-right party in Israel compares LGBT advocates to Nazis

An Instagram photo of Mexican athlete Dario Larralde posing with his boxing gear. The boxer suggested that Hitler was right.

Mexican boxer Dario Larralde says Hitler was right, ‘gays are a plague’

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