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Labour's Jess Phillips was not popular with Mumsnet users

Labour’s Jess Phillips doubles down on support for trans women during fiery Mumsnet interview

Phillip Lee

‘Homophobic’ Lib Dem defector Phillip Lee, who wanted to segregate trans prisoners, fails to win seat

John McDonnell took part in a Q&A with Mumsnet users

John McDonnell tells Mumsnet he wants a ‘proper and considered discussion’ about transgender people

Phillip Lee

Lib Dem politician Phillip Lee says trans prisoners should be segregated during car crash Mumsnet interview

Flora’s stock price soars after Mumsnet anti-transgender trolls attempt boycott

Gender-critical feminist Posie Parker in video with white nationalist YouTuber – and a lot of Mumsnet users are fine with it

Mumsnet Flora boycott

Mums boycotting Flora for ending partnership with Mumsnet over ‘transphobia’

Mumsnet Flora boycott

Flora-owner Upfield cuts ties with Mumsnet over website’s ‘transphobic’ content

To the surprise of nobody, users on Mumsnet really don’t like the NHS LGBT+ rainbow badges

There’s some good news in May’s honours list: Ruth Hunt is joining the House of Lords

Mumsnet users boycott Co-op over strawberries ad featuring trans woman

Mumsnet users accuse Tom Daley of ‘child abuse’ for becoming a father

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