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Mormon church conversion therapy

Traumatising conversion therapy for LGBT children has finally been banned in Mormon state Utah

Governor of Utah Gary Herbert

Republican politician will put restrictions on traumatising gay ‘cure’ therapy with support from Mormon church

Mormon church conversion therapy

The Mormon church wants you to know they think it’s OK to put young queer people through traumatising conversion therapy

Mormon president Russell M. Nelson

Mormon church doubles down on opposition to same-sex marriage

Gay activists gather at Mormon temple for a "kiss in"

LGBT Mormons praise ‘first step’ as church ditches anti-gay policy

The Mormon church had faced mass resignations over the 2015 anti-LGBT policy

Mormon church scraps harsh anti-LGBT policies in surprise U-turn

Mormon Church cuts ties with Scouts over LGBT-inclusive policies

93-year-old new Mormon leader claims the church loves gay people

New Zealand’s new Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern quit Mormon Church to support gay rights

(Facebook/faces of usga)

This lesbian Mormon has posted an incredible coming out message

Mormon university professor fired after refusing to back down from LGBT support

Gay Mormon singer Tyler Glenn to perform as street re-named after Harvey Milk

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