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Defiant ally has ingenious solution for silencing horribly transphobic family members at Christmas


Fox News journalist issues grovelling on-air apology for misgendering a trans interviewee. She claims it was deliberate

Caitlyn Jenner Joe Rogan

Caitlyn Jenner condemns ‘homophobic, transphobic’ Joe Rogan after podcaster misgenders and makes vile jokes about her transition

A trans boy, face blurred, with his mother

Thousands demand ‘justice for Alex’ after video shows cruel mother deadnaming, misgendering and humiliating her trans son

Joshua Sutcliffe Oxford

Teacher who was fired after repeatedly misgendering a trans boy blames the ‘LGBT+ mafia’ for losing his job

In the often cascading chaos of Tiger King: Murder, Mayehm and Madness, Saff Saffrey was a grounding voice. (Netflix)

Tiger King hero Saff on life after Netflix, standing behind the queer community and what Joe Exotic is really like

One trans academic's mission not to be deadnamed in her own research

A trans academic asked her publishers to change her name on her past works. They all refused

Canada conversion therapy Transgender refugee who fled to Canada forced to claim asylum as a man

A trans refugee who fled persecution to seek safety in Canada has been forced to claim asylum as a man

Dad shares the moment he learned to accept his trans kid for who she is

This school district is making sure trans students will always – and only – be referred to by their true name and pronouns

Sam Smith: Radio station breached Ofcom code for misgendering singer

Radio station who repeatedly mocked and misgendered Sam Smith feebly claims they never intended to be offensive

Hate group goes to great lengths to be allowed to misgender trans kids

Anti-LGBT+ hate group tries to remove judge because he wouldn’t let them repeatedly misgender trans kids in court

Nicholas Meriwether lost his legal case against Shawnee State University

Professor loses landmark legal battle after claiming it’s ‘free speech’ to deliberately misgender trans students

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