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Maya Forstater: Trans people's preferred pronouns are 'compelled speech'

‘Gender critical’ Maya Forstater should have the right to misgender trans women, lawyer argues

Courtney Eshay Key have spoken out after she was killed in the evening of 25 December in the East Chatham neighbourhood of Chicago

Transgender woman shot dead on Christmas Day in suspected hate crime. She was misgendered by police in her death

The Special investigations Unit (SIU) has refused to stop misgendering a Black trans woman who died in police custody in Toronto, Canada

A Black trans woman mysteriously died in police custody. Authorities are refusing to stop misgendering her

Pose actress Angelica Ross

Pose star Angelica Ross misgendered and had a nude scene ‘sprung’ on her on the set of another TV show

Florida trans woman suing jail

Trans woman sues jail after she was placed in a men’s facility, deadnamed by staff, and denied her vital hormone treatment

20 Stories: Restaurant apologises after staff harassed trans customer

Trans woman repeatedly misgendered and harassed. All she wanted to do was go on a romantic date with her boyfriend

Deadly Premonition 2 has come under fire for its handling of a trans character

Deadly Premonition 2’s ‘hurtful’ deadnaming sequence patched out of game – but there are still major problems

Brayla Stone. (Facebook)

Trans teen Brayla Stone, just 17, was found dead. While the media misgenders her, an alleged killer is boasting about her death

coronavirus rachel levine trans

Republican transphobe condemned for grossly misgendering the trans doctor leading the fight against coronavirus

Black trans woman murdered in Cincinnati

A Black trans woman, Riah Milton, was shot dead after being ‘lured’ into a trap. Even in death she’s being misgendered

Rachel Levine

Trans doctor who’s leading the fight against coronavirus and literally saving lives repeatedly misgendered by ignorant journalist

Sam Smith trevor project

Sam Smith’s response to a TV presenter panicking about their pronouns is a lesson in grace for all of us

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