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Chris Kluwe threatens to take Vikings to court, after refusal to release report into homophobia

NFL player: ‘I may have been a little too harsh’ in calling for my former coach to be sacked

NFL coach denies ‘bigot’ allegations: I have gay family members who I love

Chris Kluwe turns down White House LGBT event with humorous letter to Obama

NFL player: I have gay relatives, but am ‘not with’ those who support equal marriage

US: NFL player and gay rights advocate Chris Kluwe signs with new team

Governor says he feels uneasy that Chris Kluwe was dropped by Minnesota Vikings

Brendon Ayanbadejo says four gay NFL players may soon come out, all at the same time

Brendon Ayanbadejo: A baseball player will come out of the closet before an NFL player

US: Chris Kluwe quits blog because of anti-equal marriage editorial

Chris Kluwe: First openly gay NFL player will have ‘biggest marketing opportunity in 50 years’

Video: US football star records Catholic video against same-sex marriage

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