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NHS England is being sued over the trans healthcare crisis

Mum loses custody and jailed after supporting her child’s gender exploration

Priest backs trans community after diocese tells LGBT+ people ‘repent if you want baptism’

Dana Nessel asleep at football game

Attorney general issues apology for getting so wasted at football game she couldn’t walk

English teacher Nick Popadich wearing makeup

Pupils and parents rush to defend male teacher who was slammed online for wearing colourful makeup

ego-dystonic lesbianism

Crackpot doctor diagnoses woman with hideously homophobic ‘ego-dystonic lesbianism’

tent man camping

Gay campground bans trans men ‘to build a like-minded atmosphere’. The backlash was swift

Evan Thomas Silva gender reveal party death

Man killed at gender reveal party by cannon explosion

A trans woman and her partner flew a Pride flag on their lawn. Suddenly, gunfire was exploding into their home

Larissa LaMay: Lesbian cop claims she's victim of anti-white discrimination

Lesbian cop claims she’s a victim of ‘anti-white discrimination’ after losing promotion to Black officer

'Ex-gay' activist Kevin Whitt starred in attack ads targeting Joe Biden

‘Dangerous’ and misleading campaign blitz peddles lies about trans lives to score political points against Joe Biden

Anti-LGBT+ Republican who tried to block ‘dangerous’ lockdown has – you guessed it – tested positive for coronavirus

Terry King. (Facebook)

A wannabe sheriff saw two men holding hands. He responded by asking ‘where’s my gun’

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