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Anti-LGBT Republican Michele Bachmann preparing comeback Senate bid

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann: God intervened in the election so Trump could stop transgender rights

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann claims gays, Islamic terrorists and Black Lives Matter are ‘working together’ to destroy America

Ex-congresswoman Michele Bachmann is calling on Trump to reverse the ‘evil’ gay agenda

God would vote for Donald Trump, anti-LGBT adviser Michele Bachmann insists

America’s biggest homophobe Michele Bachmann signs on as Donald Trump policy adviser

Bachmann: God might turn Americans into salt over same-sex marriage

Michele Bachmann is now claiming Obama has literally caused the apocalypse

Michele Bachmann: Same-sex marriage is ‘boring’

Michele Bachmann: Gay people want to legalise child molestation

US: Michele Bachmann opposes building Women’s Museum because it would be a ‘shrine’ to gay marriage

Michele Bachmann: Arizona Governor was wrong to veto anti-gay bill

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