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Mother who sued trans daughter for transitioning goes to Supreme Court

‘Why I’m A Trans Ally’ trend proves once again that decent people outweigh transphobes, filling the internet with much-needed positivity

LGBT groups unite to defend trans charities after removal by BBC

Not even the BBC’s Pride network knows why the broadcaster quietly dropped vital charities from its transgender support page

BBC quietly drops LGBT+ charities from its 'gender identity' support page

The BBC quietly dropped four LGBT+ charities from its transgender support page. Now, it’s empty

British author and screenwriter JK Rowling

Parents of trans kids reject JK Rowling’s ‘offensive’ suggestion that supporting their children means supporting conversion therapy

domestic abuse

Mental health groups report huge surge in numbers of LGBT+ people at risk of suicide during lockdown

Baroness Nicholson will not be investigated for Munroe Bergdorf comments

Tory peer Baroness Nicholson reported for bullying after sharing ‘racist and transphobic abuse’ about model Munroe Bergdorf

Jameela Jamil: 'Trans women are our sisters and need our protection'

Jameela Jamil tells Boris Johnson ‘not in my name’ as she stands with trans sisters over alleged single-sex spaces ban

Pride in Publishing hits back at Hachette’s support of JK Rowling

Trans charities express solidarity with JK Rowling as disgusting Sun front page ‘gives voice to her abuser’

PinkNews Pride for All

LGBT+ champions, queer heroes and tireless activists join PinkNews’ Pride for All, a digital Pride like no other

Terry Reintke: Lesbian MEP warns UK anti-trans rhetoric is spilling into EU

Lesbian German MEP warns the UK’s ‘hateful’ radical feminist anti-trans rhetoric is spilling into other EU countries

Liz Truss sparks fresh wave of concern with comments about Equality Act

These five sentences written by equalities minister Liz Truss have people very, very concerned for the future of the Equality Act

Mara Wilson at an awards ceremony

Bisexual Matilda star candidly recounts childhood struggle with OCD to explain why we should all listen to trans kids

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