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Rachel McAdams as Regina George in Mean Girls

Earth-shattering Mean Girls theory suggests Regina George is a closeted lesbian

Daniel Franzese Mean Girls

Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese fired from Catholic university gig ‘for being gay’. In the year 2021

Lizzy Caplan (L) and Daniel Franzese in Mean Girls. (Mean Girls/IMDb)

Mean Girls fan thinks we all missed the ‘most iconic joke’ in the entire film

Jonathan Bennett Mean Girls Jingle Bell Rock

Mean Girls’ Jonathan Bennett recreates the iconic Jingle Bell Rock routine on set of new Christmas movie

Rachel McAdams and Jonathan Bennett in Mean Girls. (Mean Girls/IMDb)

Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett to star in Hallmark’s first gay Christmas movie, and yes his hair still looks sexy pushed back

Pillsbury Company, which owns Toaster Strudel, announced the Mean Girls-inspired product on Twitter. (Twitter)

Gretchen Wieners finally gets the justice she deserves as Pillsbury unveil Mean Girls Toaster Strudel

Stop the clocks, cut off the telephone, because Lindsay Lohan is back to save us all from coronavirus lockdown fatigue

A promotional poster for Mean Girls

It’s October 3rd… So here’s 10 totally fetch reasons Mean Girls is still a queer classic

Don't Call Me Angel Video / The Plastics

Someone spliced Miley, Ariana and Lana into a Mean Girls clip and it’s absolutely perfect

Daniel Franzese, who played Damian in Mean Girls (R), frequently speaks about fat phobia in the TV and film industry. (Instagram/Paramount Picture)

Mean Girls star wants more sexy plus-size gay men on screen

Daniel Franzese as Damian in Mean Girls.

Daniel Franzese says he ‘wasn’t allowed straight roles’ after Mean Girls

Jaymes Vaughan and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jonathan Bennett in an Instagram photo

Who is Jaymes Vaughan, partner of CBB’s Jonathan Bennett?

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