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What the Maya Forstater ruling actually means for transgender people

The Maya Forstater ruling isn’t the big win so-called gender critical feminists probably think it is

What the Maya Forstater ruling actually means for transgender people

UK equality watchdog thinks it should be legal for ‘gender critics’ to misgender trans people

Maya Forstater: Gender-critical views protected by Equality Act, judge rules

Maya Forstater’s ‘gender critical’ views are ‘hate speech’ and a ‘threat to trans people’, tribunal told

Maya Forstater: Trans people's preferred pronouns are 'compelled speech'

‘Gender critical’ Maya Forstater should have the right to misgender trans women, lawyer argues

Maya Forstater wants UK’s Equality Act to protect people who say trans women are men

University of Sussex professor Dr Kathleen Stock

‘Gender-critical’ academic accepts OBE with lengthy diatribe branding Stonewall a ‘threat to free speech’

Judge refuses judicial review of trans-inclusive Equality Act guidance

Anti-trans campaigners have raised almost £1 million to fight trans rights in the courts

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Meets Leo Varadkar In Ireland

Boris Johnson’s government has left trans people ‘feeling ignored, despondent and depressed’, MPs emphatically told

Angela Rayner: Rosie Duffield must 'reflect' on her transgender comments

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner tells Rosie Duffield to ‘reflect’ on her views amid transphobia row

Rosie Duffield is still under investigation by Labour party officials, PinkNews understands.

Labour activists demand Rosie Duffield have party whip withdrawn amid bitter transphobia row

Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre will continue to recruit trans volunteers

Rape charity that suffered transphobic backlash for recruiting trans women to help survivors refuses to back down

JK Rowling

This bookshop is making a donation to trans children’s charity Mermaids every time they sell a JK Rowling book

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