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Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel is seeking to challenge a ban on gay cure therapy

Court dismisses lawsuit from anti-gay hate group that doesn’t like being called an anti-gay hate group

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel wants to amend the anti-lynching bill

Gay judges should be banned from hearing cases about Christians, says evangelical leader

Anti-LGBTI groups are treated like ‘Jews in Nazi Germany’, says Kim Davis’ lawyer

Teacher accused of forcing LGBT rights on students cleared

Christian lawyer claims Orlando cops need to ‘get tested for AIDS’ because of gay shooting victims

Pastor who exported anti-gay laws to Uganda battles ‘crimes against humanity’ lawsuit

Meddling US evangelicals are trying to ban same-sex marriage in Romania

Kim Davis’ lawyer is now defending US pastor who pushed anti-gay laws in Africa

Kim Davis’ lawyers threaten to sue district if it tries to ban gay ‘cure’ therapy


Kim Davis’ lawyer is now representing suspended judge who ‘abused authority’ to block gay weddings

Kim Davis’ lawyer claims paedophiles are behind LGBT rights laws

You’ll never guess who’s secretly pushing all those new anti-LGBT laws…

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