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Kit Harington

Game of Thrones star Kit Harington reflects on his ‘gender fluid’ upbringing and the ’emotional blockage’ of toxic masculinity

Channel 4 to make history by showing an erect penis on UK TV

Me and My Penis – the Channel 4 documentary that made history by showing an erection on TV – hailed as an eye-opening success

Spence Logan. 21, described the moment he encountered an unmasked man in a grocers. (Screen captures via TikTok)

This bisexual guy has an ingenious solution for convincing fragile anti-maskers to wear a face covering

Men took to reddit to describe the things they feel they're missing out on in fear of being labelled "gay". (Stock photograph via Elements Envato)

Straight men tragically reveal the things they miss out on for fearing of looking gay, like… having friends, emotions and personal hygiene

A man denounced the end of "non-PC lad culture" as Twitter's reaction was precisely what you'd expect. (Stock photograph via Elements Envato/Twitter)

The cull of racist TV has some lamenting the end of ‘lad culture’ with all its *checks notes* misogyny, gay jokes and Yorkie bars

trump administration US President Donald texas gay

Despite his best efforts and refusal to wear a face mask, Donald Trump has been branded the ‘least masculine’ president in modern history

Billy Porter in a green jumpsuit with butterfly tattoos

Billy Porter freed ‘from the bondage of masculinity’ with butterfly tattoos and strapless jumpsuit

Australian comedian Alex Williamson poked fun at the ways men protect their masculinity in a viral video. (Screenshots via Instagram)

This self-described ‘bloke’ is worried putting fruit beer up his a** is ‘gay’, suggests using ‘manly beer’ instead

A viral video exploring how gay men view masculinity has divided Twitter. (Elements Envato)

Viral video asking if guys prefer masc men has broken gay Twitter

Toxic masculinity makes men do some... strange things. (Screen captures via Twitter)

This man getting a haircut with an axe and a hammer is the dictionary definition of toxic masculinity

War Paint, a make-up brand "for men," is being roasted on Twitter.

Twitter users are roasting War Paint, a make-up brand ‘specifically for men’

Tammy Bruce appearing on Fox News show Fox & Friends

Fox News guest says without masculinity, ‘we would be living in caves’

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