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Billy Porter in a green jumpsuit with butterfly tattoos

Billy Porter freed ‘from the bondage of masculinity’ with butterfly tattoos and strapless jumpsuit

Australian comedian Alex Williamson poked fun at the ways men protect their masculinity in a viral video. (Screenshots via Instagram)

This self-described ‘bloke’ is worried putting fruit beer up his a** is ‘gay’, suggests using ‘manly beer’ instead

A viral video exploring how gay men view masculinity has divided Twitter. (Elements Envato)

Viral video asking if guys prefer masc men has broken gay Twitter

Toxic masculinity makes men do some... strange things. (Screen captures via Twitter)

This man getting a haircut with an axe and a hammer is the dictionary definition of toxic masculinity

War Paint, a make-up brand "for men," is being roasted on Twitter.

Twitter users are roasting War Paint, a make-up brand ‘specifically for men’

Tammy Bruce appearing on Fox News show Fox & Friends

Fox News guest says without masculinity, ‘we would be living in caves’

The American Psychological Association warned about toxic masculinity

Toxic masculinity is a real thing, says American Psychological Association

Trans boxer Thomas Page McBee took up boxing to understand what is masculinity truly made of.

What boxing taught a trans man about masculinity

Olly Alexander: Culture of masculinity is ‘oppressive’

Courtney Act, who identifies as genderfluid

What does gender-fluid mean? Courtney Act explains how gender-fluidity set her free

UK to turn passports blue after Tory MP complains ‘pink’ is ‘humiliating’

Men tell homophobic jokes because of their own fragile masculinity, study finds

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