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Churches in Northern Ireland are seeking the right to marry gay couples

Northern Ireland’s pro-LGBT church leaders want the right to marry gay couples too

Woman opens up about pain of discovering that her husband of 20 years was gay

Wife finds out her husband is gay after 20 years of marriage – and her reaction is eye-opening

lesbian divorce

This is why lesbian couples are far more likely to divorce than gay men

straight A promotional video for Rokshok, a phone case that conceals an engagement ring allowing users to record the moment, has gone viral on Twitter. (Screenshot via Twitter)

Straight people continue to destroy the sanctity of marriage with gizmo that records engagements


Wife is furious her husband used to sleep with his gay friend, assumes he must be cheating and the biphobia is real

The Chase star Paul Sinha

The Chase star Paul Sinha marries his long-term partner Olly following Parkinson’s diagnosis

Elizabeth Warren hug

Elizabeth Warren shares tearful moment with queer teen when asked about acceptance

A gay couple proposal, and a viral video has re-ignited people's belief in love. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Gay couple surprise each other by proposing at the exact same time in viral video that’ll restore your faith in love

Same-sex marriage in Sweden and Denmark has reduced the number of lesbians and gay men dying by suicide by almost half

Anthony Rapp (L) and fiancé Ken Ithiphol have announced their engagement and love just might be real. (Instagram)

Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp shares his engagement and maybe we do believe in love after all

gay surrogacy

These Catholics think surrogacy reform will result in gays buying babies. Yes, really

The top ten same-sex wedding songs for 2019 have been revealed

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