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Pro-LGBT Emmanuel Macron officially becomes the president of France

Emmanuel Macron calls rumours that he is secretly gay ‘misogynistic and homophobic’

Marine Le Pen’s National Front party to change its name after Emmanuel Macron French election defeat

French president-elect Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron is a ‘gay psychopath,’ claims best-selling Russian newspaper

French President-elect Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron wins French presidential election against anti-LGBT opponent Marine Le Pen

A third of French gays are voting for Marine Le Pen, who will abolish same-sex marriage

Anti-gay Marine Le Pen hit with eggs on French election campaign

French election: Emmanuel Macron appears topless on cover of Garçon magazine

Marine Le Pen’s niece ‘guarantees’ gay marriage repeal if she becomes president

French Presidential hopeful Macron bans Russian media from events after ‘gay’ smears

Marine Le Pen’s father condemns grieving husband of murdered gay policeman Xavier Jugele

Anti gay marriage French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen quits as National Front leader

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