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Manny Pacquiao ‘regrets’ saying gays ‘worse than animals’ but ‘won’t change his position’

Anti-gay boxer Pacquiao set to win Senate seat after voters elect first trans candidate

Manny Pacquiao retires after beating Bradley, won’t fight over gay rights

This former world champ boxer wants to fight Manny Pacquiao in honour of gay rights

Manny Pacquiao attacked outside restaurant over homophobic comments

Manny Pacquiao says gays ‘worse than animals’ comments were taken out of context

Pacquiao banned from LA shopping centre over gays ‘worse than animals’ comments

HBO condemns Pacquiao’s ‘deplorable’ comments but will still broadcast fight

Anti-gay boxer claims to have new ‘multi-million dollar’ sponsorship deal after Nike axe

Catholic church defends Pacquiao over homophobic slur

Philippines Catholic Church defends Pacquiao over anti-gay comments

Ex-WWE wrestler hits out at Manny Pacquiao over anti-gay comments

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