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Britney Spears honours frontline healthcare workers during coronavirus

Tens of thousands call for Louisiana Confederate statues to be replaced with true American icon, Britney Spears

McKinsley LaKeith Lincoln

A proud gay Black man was found dead hours after his family reported him missing. They had to find out through a neighbour he’d been killed

hiv-positive discrimination

HIV-positive former police officer wins $90,000 in discrimination case


Homophobic hate preacher claims ‘true Christians don’t mind dying of coronavirus’. Yes, really

Pastor Tony Spell coronavirus COVID-19

An anti-gay pastor was arrested after organising a church service during lockdown. He just did the exact same thing again

Roy Moore lockdown

Roy Moore, who wants to ban gay sex, to represent homophobic pastor arrested for holding church services during lockdown

Pastor Tony Spell has refused to close down Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Pastor who thinks homosexuality is evil and Jesus will save him from coronavirus could face jail for holding church services

anti-LGBT+ lesbian couple sign Louisiana

Pastor puts homophobic sign in his garden after realising his lesbian neighbours weren’t roommates after all

sodomy laws

There are 16 states in the US that still have sodomy laws against ‘perverted sexual practice’. It’s 2020

Republican congressman takes aim at non-binary people in new campaign ad

A viral tweet from a gay man who took his straight friend to a formal, overlaid with other tweets.

Gay people praise straight friends on Twitter after viral post

A photo of a man with only his underwear covering his penis

Which US state has the biggest average penis?

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