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London Evening Standard says ‘Give us the Gay Games’

Elton John and David Furnish named as London’s fifth most influential couple

Alan Carr: ‘I used to hang around hairdressers to find gays’

Ivan Massow: The gay scene is ‘obsessed’ with destructive drugs and sex leading to HIV

Clare Balding takes aim at ‘uncool’ Lord Tebbit over his ‘lesbian queen’ remarks

Columnist Richard Godwin: Does Tory MP Sir Gerald Howarth ‘dream that everyone in Soho wants to bum him?’

Boy George: ‘I wish David Cameron had put gay marriage in the Queen’s Speech’

London Evening Standard urges David Cameron to stick with same-sex marriage in order to be a ‘conviction politician’

LBC’s Iain Dale: ITV’s Vicious is an ‘abortion of a comedy’ and Brian Sewell is right to pan it

Brian Sewell attacks ITV’s Vicious as ‘spiteful parody’ with audience down by 2 million

UK: Islamic Cambridge lecturer apologies for describing homosexuality as ‘ugly’ and calling gay people ‘ignorant’

Marc Almond: ‘Why would gay couples want to get married in a church that thinks you are a sinner?’

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