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Lizzo and Cardi B

Lizzo announces Cardi B collab as comeback single in the most Lizzo way imaginable


Lizzo debunks ridiculous rumour she killed a fan in peak Lizzo fashion

Lizzo and Demi Lovato

Lizzo gives masterclass in allyship after photographer misgenders Demi Lovato

Lizzo TikTok

Lizzo receives outpouring of love after tearfully admitting she ‘feels like a burden’

Lizzo and Symone hugging

Drag Race winner Symone gives Lizzo a birthday surprise she’ll never forget

Chris Evans Lizzo

Lizzo drunkenly slid into Chris Evans’ DMs – and got a reply: ‘Damn papa, he a rare breed’


Gillian Anderson dances to Lizzo in full Margaret Thatcher drag with The Crown cast: ‘It was so humiliating’

Lizzo in a black dress with the word VOTE in bold white text all over

Lizzo urges fans to ‘use your power, use your voice and refuse to be suppressed’ in powerful Billboard Music Awards speech


Lizzo, queen of everything, tells body-shaming critics ‘mind your own f**king business and worry about yourself’

Lady Gaga

Hackers who stole data from Lady Gaga are demanding $21 million – but her lawyers aren’t caving anytime soon

Lizzo and Harry Styles holding hands / Hercules

Disney set to give Hercules a live-action remake and the internet wants Harry Styles and Lizzo to star

Lady Gaga raises $35m for coronavirus; Jeff Bezos didn't end world hunger

Lady Gaga has raised $35m in a week for coronavirus. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos still hasn’t decided to end world hunger

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