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Court date set for trans ex-prisoner Tara Hudson suing government for discrimination

Grindr, the gay dating app

Man sentenced to 20 years in prison after using Grindr for violent homophobic crime spree

Trans prisoner wins court case allowing her to access gender-affirming treatments

Prison bans lesbian inmates from sharing cells with their girlfriends

Trans prisoners: 11 trans woman sexually assaulted in prison last year

Transgender sex worker found guilty of spreading HIV may face prison sentence in male institute

Colorado prison guards ‘smiled’ at a gay prisoner who begged not to be put in cell with rapist

duterte getty

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte says he thought he might have been bisexual or trans

Late transgender prisoner complained of bullying by guards, inquest hears

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte comes out in favour of same-sex marriage

Two transgender women sexually assaulted in male prisons

CEO of gay escort service Jeffrey Hurant now locked up in prison

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte claims criminals are ‘beyond help’ because prison makes them gay

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