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queer women having children

Having a baby as a queer parent was already hard enough. Thanks to the pandemic, now it’s ‘crippling’

Michigan court judge Melissa Cox initially ruled to have Matthews’ name removed from the birth certificate.

Court overturns ‘outrageous’ ruling that stripped mother of parental rights because she’s a lesbian

Kayla Ellis and family on TikTok sperm donation

Lesbian parents use TikTok to help other queer couples weed out ‘weirdos’ when seeking sperm donors

World’s best dad invents special line of swimwear for tran daughter

World’s best dad invents special line of swimwear for his transgender daughter

First single gay man to adopt a child in Scotland shares his joy after becoming a dad

Lesbian goth brides

The iconic lesbian goth brides whose wedding photos went viral are now expecting a child

The heartbreaking story of how a young boy’s best friend cut him off because he was gay

Heartwarming video shows a dad cutting his trans son’s hair ahead of a job interview

Non-binary parent Ari Dennis called Piers Morgan a childist while discussing their gender-open approach to parenting.

Non-binary parent calls Piers Morgan ‘childist,’ leaving him speechless

Women are more likely to support same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, survey shows

Demonstrators lay roses on a rainbow flag as they protest over an alleged Chechnya anti-gay purge outside the Russian Embassy in London on June 2, 2017.

American Medical Association to support LGBT paid parental leave and better treatment of trans prisoners

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