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Elf Cosmetics ELFYOU

Drag streamer reads Elf Cosmetics to filth after disastrous, ‘offensive’ Twitch make-up stream


Teen Valorant gamer banned from female team Galorants for ‘ignorant and disrespectful’ transphobia

The Duke Resident Evil Village

Non-binary artist slams Resident Evil Village’s Duke as one fat-shaming video game trope too far

Valkyrie Erika Ishii Apex Legends

Apex Legend’s new character Valkyrie is canonically lesbian, confirms voice actor

‘It lets me be my sneaky self’: Streamers explain the impact Among Us has had on the LGBT+ community

Fuse pansexual

How Apex Legends brought much-needed queer representation to the genre of battle royales

Ed Fear Murder by Numbers

Creator of hit game Murder By Numbers explains how its LGBT+ representation ‘just sort of happened’

Don't Forget Me

Don’t Forget Me review: this queer jazz-punk sci-fi will thoroughly test your detective skills

Erika Klash

‘Living cartoon’ drag queen Erika Klash on the inspiration behind her epic gaming-meets-anime style

The Last Of Us Part II

The Last of Us 3’s plot ‘has already been written’, reveals creative director


Pride update coming to hit shooter Valorant, leak suggests – but gamers are divided

NieR Replicant

Action game NieR Replicant condemned for rewarding players who look up intersex character’s skirt

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