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(Instagram/Debra Messing)

Debra Messing was ‘dismayed’ by Megyn Kelly asking a fan if Will & Grace turned him gay

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s workout routine is now a book and we’re obsessed

This lawyer could become the first trans male judge in the US

Melania Trump gets damages from Daily Mail over ‘escort’ allegations

Gay billionaire Peter Thiel’s ‘Gawker-killer’ lawyer is now suing a newspaper for Melania Trump

Christian lawyer claims Orlando cops need to ‘get tested for AIDS’ because of gay shooting victims


Trans students sue school district which bans them from using certain bathrooms

Lawyer who carries ‘anti-transgender gun’ is backing Trump despite sex abuse claims

Kim Davis’ lawyer claims paedophiles are behind LGBT rights laws

Kim Davis lawyer ‘taking a gun to women’s toilet’ to scare off transgender ‘perverts’

Equal marriage plaintiff wouldn’t mind sitting next to Kim Davis

Kim Davis lawyer compares the US to Nazi Germany… again

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