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California bill would introduce fraud convictions for gay ‘cure’ therapists

Republican urged to quit school board after homophobic ‘sleep with little boys’ remarks

Republican official: If we accept homosexuality, it’s OK for men to sleep with little boys

Married Republican paid $84k sexual harassment settlement, while claiming marriage ‘too sacred’ for gays

Ed Flanagan: America’s first openly gay person elected to statewide office dies

Gay politician teaches homophobe a lesson… by calling his grandmother

Watch: Republican Congressman cries as he begs God to ‘forgive’ America for gay marriage

This Republican’s bill would force teachers to out closeted kids to their parents

Congressman is so proud to have a 10-year-old trans grandchild

A bill banning ‘gay cure’ conversion therapy has been proposed under Mike Pence’s name

Texas lawmaker wants to force teachers to ‘out’ LGBT students to parents

Republican wants to cut off university diversity funding to buy ‘In God We Trust’ stickers

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