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Twitch kink BDSM

Video of dominatrix making sub chant ‘trans women deserve respect’ accidentally ends up on Twitch front page

Leather pups at Tapei Pride in Taiwain

Tiresome debate around kink at Pride sends worrying message about sex and sex workers

queer dominatrix Mistress Severin. (Mistress Severin)

Queer dominatrix teaching women how to ‘kick men in the balls’ in wake of Sarah Everard murder

Two men kiss while lying on their fronts in bed

I’m a lesbian and I love getting my rocks off to gay male porn. Here’s why I’m convinced other lesbians do, too

Armie Hammer stretches his arms outwards towards the corridor walls

Armie Hammer’s ex-girlfriend claims he wanted to ‘break her rib’ to ‘barbecue and eat it’

Armie Hammer in a black turtleneck looking to the right

Armie Hammer denies he’s ‘100 per cent a cannibal’

Leather pups at Tapei Pride in Taiwain

Pride parades are cancelled but the discourse on kink at Pride refuses to go away

US Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Catholic church wants a federal crackdown on porn because apparently that’s what’s really important right now

Woman complains to police over men wearing leather harness and thongs

San Francisco votes to recognise gay ‘leather’ district

The top ten kinkiest cities for gay men in the US have been revealed

US: Oakland Pride causes controversy over ‘ban’ on leather groups

Is this the UK’s first same-sex fetish wedding?

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