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Amama Mbabazi, who opposed anti-gay laws, to run for Ugandan president

LGBT lawmakers call for ‘Sodmite Supression Act’ lawyer to be disbarred

Video: Film explores role of US evangelism in Ugandan moves towards proposed ‘kill the gays’ law

Uganda: Petition and court case urge arrest of three for persecution of gay people

US court: Lawsuit accusing anti-gay evangelist Scott Lively of human rights violation must go ahead

Anti-gay Evangelist Scott Lively: ‘I don’t support Ugandan ‘Kill the gays’ bill, but it is courageous’

Interview: Scott Mills on love, marriage equality and Eurovision 2013

Video: Bryan Fischer defends anti-gay evangelist who said gay rights brought Noah’s flood

Peter Tatchell: Ugandan leader pulls back on ‘Kill the Gays’ bill?

Ugandan university loses UK accreditation over anti-gay legislation

US: Anti-gay evangelist Scott Lively to stand trial for ‘crimes against humanity’

Pastor uses banana on TV to show ‘the anus is for exit only’ & claims lesbians have sex with cucumbers

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