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Flooding in Texas after Hurricane Harvey

Lesbian Mayor slams Ann Coulter and ‘death to gays’ pastor for saying she caused Hurricane Harvey

Pastor claims Hurricane Harvey was God’s punishment for Texas failure to pass anti-LGBT law

US preacher calls for LGBT-friendly schools to be ‘burned to the ground’

Pastor claims public schools turn kids into ‘transgender communists’

Pastor claims gays and dog f**kers will lead ‘revolution’ after Beauty and the Beast

Cruz pastor: Gays are incapable of true love like cannibals and Nazis

This pastor wants Girl Scouts put to death for being too pro-gay

Anti-gay Ted Cruz accidentally features lesbian porn star in campaign ad

Pastor with ties to Ted Cruz wants to smear himself in cow sh*t to ‘protest’ gays

Pastor with ties to Ted Cruz blames gay people for the financial crash

US pastor claims God will destroy the UK over LGBT conference

‘Kill the gays’ pastor claims media has upset God by exposing link to Presidential candidates

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