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Amy Cooper

‘Central Park Karen’ made a second ‘racist, criminal’ 911 call against gay birdwatcher, court hears


Fiery viral video shows anti-Karen defending Black Lives Matter and queer rights in astonishingly wholesome battle cry

Ellen DeGerenes

Ellen DeGeneres has reportedly been dubbed ‘Talk Show Karen’ by her unhappy staff

An American late night talk show parodied "Jolene", by Dolly Parton and made it all about "Karens". (Screen capture via YouTube)

Hilarious Dolly Parton ‘Jolene’ video urges Karens to ‘please just wear a mask’

Ghenete Wright Muir and her son were swimming laps in a Fort Lauderdale pool when a Karen traded barbs with them. (Screen capture via NBC6)

Police eject Black gay law professor and son from historically Black public pool after a Karen whined about their existence


New law inspired by gay man’s ordeal will make fake, racist 911 calls a criminal offence. It’s called the CAREN Act

Sonya Holy was caught on video spurting homophobic and racist hate has since lost her job. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Bigoted white woman who called Black Lives Matter protester ‘a gay homosexual piece of crap’ fired from her job

Gail Hayden, head of the California Farmer’s Market Association, scolds a gay vendor for handing out LGBT+ Pride flags. (Screen capture via Twitter)

‘Farmers’ market Karen’ rages at gay cookie vendor for giving away free Pride flags to ‘satisfy a political agenda’. Yes, really

Lana Del Rey. (Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for The Recording Academy )

Lana Del Rey defended her comments about women of colour again by… comparing herself to another woman of colour

13 things we learned about feminism from Alison Phipps' 'Me, Not You'

13 troubling problems with white feminism, according to a white feminist who’s seen them firsthand

Lana Del Rey defends herself against accusations of racism

Lana Del Rey dismisses racism accusations as ‘bulls**t’ after fierce backlash over controversial Black female singer comments

Is Karen a slur? In these trying times, some people are actually asking this

In these trying times, lesbian radical feminist Julie Bindel is debating whether ‘Karen’ is a slur. Yes, really

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